puzzle 1: forest / mountain scene from a generic 2008 National Parks calendar

piece count: 106

date cut: 5 Jan 08

notables: signature piece

disposition: mine

She’ll always be my first.

All things considered, this puzzle went very well.  I was scared to death of the scroll saw; I had just gotten it for Christmas a couple of weeks before (thanks Kathy!) and had made just a few practice pieces out of pine.  I didn’t even try cutting baltic birch plywood as a sample before diving into this puzzle.

In my unskilled hands, the saw cut so quick it was hard to control.  It was kind of like “Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride,” except I didn’t die and go to hell.

The biggest lesson?  Think before you sand.  I just popped the puzzle onto the work bench and started to sand the back with my palm sander.  When I flipped over the puzzle, I noticed the white marks visible in the picture below.  Now I place puzzles on a sheet of craft foam before sanding - that seems to have eliminated the problem.