puzzle 2: forest / mountain scene from a generic 2008 National Parks calendar

piece count: 61

date cut: 7 Jan 08

notables: signature piece, strip cut

disposition: Julia’s

My second puzzle - it wasn’t a complete disaster but it wasn’t pretty.

I was attempting to cut a puzzle for my then-5-year-old daughter.  I opted for a strip cut puzzle, which would be more her speed.

Oh, where to start?

  1. Inconsistent piece sizes - check out those bottom rows; it looks like the puzzle melted

  2. Interlocks of every shape and size, including at least one that doesn’t even interlock

  3. A large chip out of the backside from where I cut the plywood to size

What worked out well?

  1. The image has lots of contrast, so it’s good for young puzzlers

  2. She didn’t hate it