puzzle 5: Yuzen, 6”x6”

piece count: 61

date cut: 26 Jan 08

notables: “scroll cut”

disposition: mine

It seems I have been trying every sort of puzzle trick and special technique that I’ve read about or seen.  This puzzle is the first of several that use a scroll cut technique that starts with a single cut through the entire piece.  The two halves are then subdivided to form individual pieces.

The puzzles I’ve cut with this method tend not to be fully interlocking; they interlock in sections, but have “fault lines” along which they break apart.  It wasn’t until puzzle 23 I finally made a fully interlocking scroll cut puzzle.

Yuzen is a Japanese paper used for origami and other crafts.  It is relatively thick and fibrous, and typically is silk screened with a repeating pattern.  I thought it would make a good puzzle and most of my puzzling friends agree.  I found that it adhered to plywood very well and cut nicely.