puzzle 9: “Delta Cows” Lowell Herrero from the “2008 Cows Cows Cows Calendar”

piece count: 295

date cut: 20 Feb 08

notables: color line cuts; signature piece; 3 geese in flight; bass

disposition: gift to Joleen and Brian

Joleen and Brian are two friends who live in the midwest.  They have relatively normal day jobs, but they also have a herd of cattle on their property.  As a city dweller, I just don’t understand.  When I close my eyes and imagine Brian as an old man, this is what I see.

I color line cut the cows, the old man, and the house (including the reflections).  I also scroll cut the cows, so if you look at them, you’ll see that their piece shapes are significantly different than the rest of the puzzle.