puzzle 14: Happy Admin’s Day! (4” x 6” photo)

piece count: 54

date cut: 14 April 08

notables: signature piece

disposition: gift for Elaine, my administrative assistant

Every Administrative Assistant's day, I try to make something for my admin (in addition to a “normal” gift).  For a couple of years, I made complex origami birds and flowers.  Last year, I made a votive holder decorated with polymer clay.  But this year, it had to be a puzzle.

My approach to get the photo of her children was direct but subtle, with a touch of mystery.  It went something like this:

“Elaine, do you have a photo of loved ones that I could have?  Something you have another copy of, because you’ll never know if you’ll get it back.  But if you do get it back, it should be pretty cool.  Thanks.”