puzzle 16: “Sacred Circle” from the “2008 Bev Doolittle Calendar”

piece count: 299

date cut: 24 May 08

notables: irregular border; signature piece; goose; weasel; ram; two fish; frog

disposition: mine

This is my most ambitious puzzle to date.  It’s certainly the largest (I was tempted to divide a piece into two, just to get to 300).  I featured two major design elements in this puzzle:  irregular edges and interior “edge” pieces.  The interior also contains six fake corner pieces.

When I saw this image, my first thought was to sub-divide the puzzle into nine mini-puzzles, with minimal interconnections between the sections.  That concept naturally led to interior edge and corner pieces.  With that many fake edges and corners, my next idea was to eliminate the normal outside edges and corners.  Those two concepts together work well in this puzzle.

My wife was fooled, but only briefly.  As she built up the sections, it became clear that the puzzle wasn’t the standard fare.

All of the figurals in this puzzle (with the exception of the signature piece) are color line cut from images in the puzzle.

Overall, this puzzle was great fun to cut.