puzzle 24: New Yorker Cover - May 24, 2008 by Peter de Sève

piece count: 160

date cut: 6 August 08

notables: color line cut; signature piece

disposition: mine

This is my first serious attempt at color line cutting.  After watching Carter Johnson’s postings on the Scroll Saw Woodworking and Crafts website, I knew that some day I’d have to try.  I cut around the bodies, the x-ray machine, the items on the conveyor belt, and some other objects.  I’m pleased by how the color line cutting turned out.

My friend Joleen sent me a number of New Yorker covers to cut; this is the first I’ve worked on.  A couple of things went wrong with this puzzle.  First, I was trying to remove the mailing label and ended up distorting the art work in the lower left corner (note to self: paint remover will take a label right off, along with any ink on the cover).  I’ve being trying to find a less destructive means of removing labels and I’m slowly getting there.  Second, I left the pattern for the meeple on the cover too long (along the lines of 2 weeks!).  When I tried to remove the pattern, I removed the art work too.  Hence the naked meeple.  I knew there was reason that I didn’t sell these things.

Long after fact, I realized that the naked meeple could be a symbolic reflection of the naked man.  If I would have thought about that first, I could have claimed artistic genius rather than idiot mistake.