puzzle 25: World War I Poster, G.R. Macauley

piece count: 179

measured size: approx 8.5” by 11”

date cut: 7 September 08

notables: color line cut; signature piece

disposition: a gift to Mike

I know a lot of folks make their own prints for puzzle cutting, but I had never done it until now.  All of my puzzles to date have been from photographs or calendar art work.  This image of a World War I poster comes from “Posters of World Wars I  and II” published by Dover.  The book is 120 royalty-free images in a book with a CD-ROM.  Dover publishes a lot of different books like this, so I wanted to try them out.

I printed the image on Epson Presentation Paper - Matte using my el cheepo Epson R280 printer (free with purchase of computer!).  After mounting the image, I gave it a coat of triple thick glaze.  Unlike photos, this paper absorbed quite a bit of the glaze, so I gave it a second coat as per the glaze instructions.  I was happy with the end result.

As for the cutting - I employed quite a bit of color line cutting around the Statue of Liberty and I cut around all of the letters in the text.  That might have been a bad idea.  Cutting out the letters wasn’t hard, but making the cuts in the areas around the letters was hairy.  There are a lot of very tiny interlocks down there and I’m sure that some of the pieces will break if mishandled.