puzzle 27: “It’s the Hat That Makes the Dude, No. 9”, Tom Everhart

piece count: 85

measured size:

date cut: 04 October 08

notables: signature piece, initials, Snoopy, Lucy, dog house

disposition: a gift to my nephew Matthew for his 7th birthday

This image is from the first calendar I purchased with the sole intent of making puzzles.  And now, 27 puzzles later, I’ve finally cut one of the images.  It’s hard to say how difficult a puzzle this will be for a child; there are no tricks to it and it has a relatively small number of pieces, but it’s a riot of color.  I was having trouble putting it together as I was cutting it.

I was disappointed by the quality of the paper the calendar is printed on.  This particular paper seems to be prone to splitting into two layers, so I had to make some repairs as I went along.