puzzle 28: The Throne, from a 2008 calendar of outhouses

piece count: 247

measured size: 11 3/4” x 11”

date cut: 03 November 08

notables: signature piece, drop out, long interior edge

disposition: co-worker Bob plans to give to his wife for Christmas

This is more or less the standard kind of puzzle I cut: a couple of split corners, some non-interlocking edges, and mostly random pieces.  I’ve discovered I don’t like designing figural pieces, so I have not been putting many in my puzzles.  I did try to make some “geometric” pieces in this puzzles:  pieces with swirls, odd angles, and protrusions.  Call it the influence of John Stokes, albeit a pale reflection.  I also put in a long interior edge between the outhouse and the background.  I hope Bob’s wife puts those pieces with the edge ones when she sorts the pieces and wonders about them for a long time.