puzzle 31: Birds and Rabbit Amid Pine and Spring and Summer Flowers, Rigen

piece count: 197

measured size: 6 3/8” x 15”

date cut: 11 January 09

notables: signature piece; Yoshi; lotus; origami crane; pagoda

disposition: Kathy

I really had fun cutting this panoramic Japanese image.  I attempted to make my cuts more angular in nature, with lots of sharp corners and shapes.  I also threw in the occasional swirly.  I think I’m getting a better feel for the swirlies, but I still need more practice.  I put in four new figurals, all with a Japanese theme.  The lotus flower and Yoshi (a Nintendo character) turned out well.  The origami crane was acceptable, but the pagoda was something of a disappointment.  I’ll have to see if Kathy can guess what it is . . .