puzzle 36:  "Einzug Christi in Jerusalem"  by Wilhelm Morgner

piece count: 143

measured size: 7 1/8" x 10 1/4"

date cut: 18 March 09

notables: color line cut, signature piece

disposition: Kathy

I've finished a puzzle based on Wilhelm Morgner's "Einzug Christi in Jerusalem". Given Palm Sunday was coming up soon, I thought it was appropriate. Two semi-interesting things about this puzzle:

1) I really tried to color line cut it. I think I was modestly successful.

2) The image came from Wikimedia Commons, a repository for public domain media that's part of Wikipedia. There are lots of paintings and pictures to browse through. Some of them are of high enough resolution that they can be printed and made into decent puzzles. There's a series of paintings by August Macke that would make great color line cut puzzles!