puzzles 39 and 40:  Tim’s 2008-2009 OPC Nursery School Class

piece count: 48 and 48

measured size: 4" x 6"

date cut: 19 May 09

notables: “2009”, signature piece

disposition: gifts to Mrs. Vincent and Mrs. Stricker

It’s the end of the school year again and that means cutting more class picture puzzles.  This is Tim’s class at OPC Nursery School (3-day three year olds).  Don’t look for Tim in the picture; the stubborn little bugger refused to participate!  He’s hiding behind the camera with Mommy.

I think the date figural turned out great, but I think I’m getting sloppy with meeple signature piece.  It seems like such a simple shape, but I’ve been butchering it regularly.  It’s ok on the bottom puzzle, but the top puzzle looks a little un-meeple like.