puzzle 46:  The Regrettable Puzzle

piece count: 173

measured size: 14” x 10”

date cut: 30 September 09

notables: fret-work puzzle, chirogami paper

disposition: gift to Kathy

Why did I think this was a good idea?  This puzzle (combined with a busy summer with the family) kept me out of the workshop all summer.  I just couldn’t bring myself to work on it, so everything else stopped.

In theory, it’s an interesting puzzle:  it’s based on a hot plate design from John Nelson (Scrollsaw Woodworking & Crafts, Holiday 2005), there is a lot of empty space to confuse the puzzler, and it uses the ever-cool chirogami paper.  The reality:  it took a long time to cut, I was over aggressive in cutting interlocks into very tiny spaces, and the lack of an image combined with the open spaces makes it very difficult indeed.

I’m probably bothered most by the mistakes in cutting interlocks.  I found myself cursing inwardly after each of the never ending stream of bad decisions.  “Why would I cut that so close?  You’d think I would have learned not to do that about 10 mistakes ago!”  All said, I’m glad I finished it (I thought about tossing it several times) and I have a couple of new puzzles mounted and waiting to be cut.

P.S. Sanding the delicate (and dangerously cut) final puzzle was a exercise in futility as well.  Check out all the fuzzies.