puzzle 49:  "You're Lonely When You're Dead" from the 2009 Harlequin's Vintage Cover Calendar

piece count: 147

measured size: 11 1/2" x 7 1/2"

date cut: 10 October 09

notables: scroll cut, signature piece

disposition: gift to Cindy

I promised a puzzle to Cindy a long time ago.  Things (like “The Regrettable Puzzle”) kept getting in the way.  This isn’t a particular large puzzle, but the scroll cut style should make it interesting.  The Harlequin calendar is hoot; the images are completely ridiculous.  I’d like to cut some more, but I have a mental queue of puzzles that’s pretty long so I’ll probably won’t get back to this calendar for a while.  My wife saw a similar calendar at Barnes and Noble this week; I really wanted to get it, but I didn’t need more of  the same and I didn’t need my kids asking questions.