puzzle 50: Buy War Bonds, World War II Poster, Lawrence Beale Smith, 1942

piece count: 124

measured size: 7 1/4" x 10 1/2"

date cut: 25 October 09

notables: long round style

disposition: Ruby (a friend of a friend who could use a puzzle right about now)

I love propaganda posters from WWI and WWII.  This poster has a not-so-subtle swastika in the background, threatening three of the nicest children the republic has to offer.

I cut this puzzle in what John Stokes has called the long round style.  Of course, my long round is not quite like John’s long round.  Not that I’m trying to copy his style (which would be almost impossible anyway), but I like to try methods and styles that I’ve seen from other puzzle cutters.  Maybe I should come up with my own name for my style, like “Snaky Smooth Disaster” ...