puzzle 53: Six Piece Trick Puzzle

piece count: 6

measured size: 6.5” diameter

date cut: 23 December 09

notables: trick puzzle

disposition: Kathy

This trick puzzle is based on a Stave Puzzle classic, called “5 Easy Pieces”.  Stave offered an April Fools puzzle in 1989 that was only five pieces, but completely unsolvable (unknown to the buyers).  Stave gave refunds to everyone who purchased the puzzle.  Here is my take on the same concept.  It’s six pieces, where every piece clearly interlocks with it’s neighbor, but the puzzle can not be assembled into a complete circle.  The overlap between the last pieces is about 3/4”.  If I were to cut this again, I would make that a little smaller, to tease the assembler.  In this version, it’s obvious that the puzzle will not assemble correctly.  The overlap can’t be too small though; the “play” in the puzzle from the cuts give the assembler room to “stretch” the puzzle just a little.  If the overlap is too small, the puzzle could be stretched and successfully assembled.  We wouldn’t want that now, would we?