puzzle 57: Scrabble

piece count: 228

measured size: 7 3/4” x 7 3/4”

date cut: 21 March 10

notables: mutli-layer, double cut

disposition: Kathy

After see my friend Shawn’s mutli-layer puzzle tutorial, I felt a little challenged to make one.  Here is my first attempt (and like usual, I couldn’t make just a mutli-layer puzzle!).  This puzzle was inspired by my wife, who has been playing Lexulous (the Scrabble knockoff) on Facebook.  I saw immediately that the board and the letter tiles would make in interesting mutli-layer puzzle.

Thus inspired, I created a Scrabble board and tiles using Inkscape, matching the layout and coloring of a real scrabble game.  I removed the text from the board to make it look a little cleaner.  I also did a little research and found a font that looks similar to the letter tiles.

Having created the board and tiles, I re-created a recent Lexulous game my wife had played.  I double checked that all the words in the game were in the official Scrabble dictionary and I used the point values from Scrabble, not Lexulous.  The only issue with the layout is that there are three “Y” titles used; Scrabble only has two.

And if this wasn’t enough, I decided to make the puzzle harder by double cutting some of the letter titles, so that some of the letter could interlock in ways that don’t make real words or fit onto the board layer correctly.  The letter combinations of “UT”, “IE”, “AN”, and “BE” all occurred twice in orientations that allowed them to be double cut.  See the pictures below.