puzzle 65: "Bedtime Aviation", Rob Gonsalves from the "Master of Illusion 2010 Calendar

piece count: 248

measured size: 9 1/4” x 11”

date cut: 30 May 10

notables: signature piece, color-line cut

disposition: Isaac and Job

I’ve cut a lot of smaller puzzles recently, so this is a return to “full” size puzzles for me.  The “Master of Illusion” calendar has a lot of interesting, if not repetitive, art work.  All of the images are like this one, where the background and foreground show two distinctly different scenes that are melded somewhere in the middle with great effect.  Rob Gonsalves certainly owes a debt of gratitude to M. C. Esher and his metamorphosis style drawings!

On the puzzling size of the equation, it screamed “color-line” cut to me ... who I am to argue with a puzzle?