puzzle 68: "People at Night, Guided by the Phosphorescent Tracks of Snails" Joan Miró, 1940

piece count: 181

measured size: 9 ” x 11”

date cut: 3 Oct 10


disposition: given to Michael on the occasion of his 15,000 day on the planet (4-Oct-10)

Michael, recipient of the “Retrato del Diablo” puzzle, likes to keep track of his birthday in days.  Tomorrow is the 15,000 day he has been on earth (with day 1 being the day he was born).  Michael also faithfully gets a very large Joan Miró calendar each year.  Every January we admire the paintings and I always lament that the images are too large for my small throated scroll saw.

Recently, calendars.com had a $2 sale with free shipping.  I saw the normal sized Miró calendar from 2010, which has the same paintings as Michael’s large calendar, but in scrollable size - so I had to buy it!  I used my subtle powers of suggestion to get Michael to reveal his favorite painting from the calendar and here we are.  A side note - my friendly, neighborhood art museum actually owns this painting, but it is not currently on display.

The puzzle appears to be relatively difficult.  There aren’t a lot of pieces for it’s size, but there are virtually no recognizable images in the painting.  I cut a fair number of tricky edges, fake edges and corner pieces, and split knobs for good measure.