puzzle 69: "Mavis the Pony"*  Linda Nelson Stocks

piece count: 301

measured size: 11 1/2 ” x 13”

date cut: 8 Nov 10

notables: color line cut with signature piece

disposition: given to Kathy from college

I’m really starting to love my Linda Nelson Stocks calendar.  This is my third puzzle from the calendar and I have another mounted and ready to cut (that puzzle will probably have to wait until after Christmas).  And since I’m using calendar images, I have another eight to choose from for puzzling fun.

“Kathy from college” is a friend who also has a scroll saw, but doesn’t cut puzzles (at least to my knowledge).  She had been admiring my work from afar (technically “Facebook”) so I thought I’d make a puzzle for her family.  It’s a typical Puzzles Del Meeple puzzle:  randomly cut, some tricky edges and corners, and very few figurals (only the meeple).  As I was disassembling the puzzle, I was pleased with it; much more so than when I was cutting it.  Strange how the mind works ...

* “Mavis the Pony” is a title of my own creation.  I have no idea the true name of this piece of art.