puzzle 70: "Swiss Cheese” from Britto 2010 Calendar

piece count: 424

measured size: 11 1/2 ” x 13 1/4”

date cut: 13 Dec 10

notables: color line cut with signature piece

disposition: Kathy

Carter Johnson has finally gotten to me - I’ve color line cut this puzzle to the n-th degree.  It’s pretty severe.  The artwork is very similar to a stained glass window, with a black frame and colored inserts; it just begged to be cut along the color lines.  I tried to cut the black frame separate from the other colors, only including the green leaf pieces because the black lines there were extremely narrow.  There ended up being 142 black frame pieces, a small puzzle in themselves.  Some other interlocks were a challenge to cut and I’m sure they will be a challenge to assemble.  When the interlocks get that small, it’s hard to visually discern differences between pieces.

The colored sections should be a good bit easier to assemble, assuming the puzzler sorts the pieces by color.  All of the colored sections that touch an edge are interlocked to the frame; all of the sections that are internal to the frame do not interlock.  The puzzle can not be picked up as a single unit because those interior sections slip out.

The cutting isn’t my best work; I wish I had a number of cuts back!  Some of my initial cuts were a little rough and some of the color line cutting could/should have been crisper, but I’m glad I undertook the challenge of cutting this puzzle.  Also of note - this is my largest puzzle by piece count (and maybe by size) to date, with a healthy 2.7 pieces per square inch.