puzzle 71: "Belleville Knotch"*  Linda Nelson Stocks

piece count: 368

measured size: 11 1/2 ” x 13 1/4”

date cut: 28 Dec 10

notables: color line cut with signature piece

disposition: given to Kathy from church

More Linda Nelson Stocks!  I still have another 6-8 images to cut from this calendar, so I won’t be picking up the newest 2011 varieties this year, but I’ve been tempted.

Again, this puzzle is typical of my style with the addition of a lot of color line cutting (just because it so easy with the Stocks pictures).  There’s a couple of tricky areas, including a split corner, a few non-interlocking edge pieces, some interior edge pieces, two fake corners, and two edge pieces that are cutout figures.

This puzzle is a gift to Kathy, a friend from our church (yes, a third Kathy!).  Kathy and her family put together a puzzle every year as part of their New Year’s Eve traditions.  I made this puzzle just in time for 31 Dec this year - I hope they enjoy it!

* “Belleville Knotch” is a title of my own creation.  I have no idea the true name of this piece of art.