puzzle 73: USS Wayne E. Meyer

piece count: 48

measured size: 12 3/4 ” x 18”

date cut: 23 Jan 11

notables: strip cut

disposition: given to Kathy (#4) for her retirement

This puzzle is a group gift from my department at work to a former engineer, manager, and department head who is retiring.  Kathy (yes, the fourth Kathy to receive a puzzle from PDM!) hired me into the department back 1997 and I’ve stayed ever since.  Kathy has moved on to other positions and departments since then, but a large number of her co-workers still work in together in that original department.

I don’t normally make strip cut puzzles, but I wanted to make a puzzle where the pieces were very uniform and large (about 2 in x 2 in) so people could write messages on the backs of the pieces.  I used a template for the grid, but freehand cut the interlocks (a little compromise on my part).

The photo is of the USS Wayne E. Meyer (DDG 108), one of the most recently commissioned Aegis destroyers.  Admiral Meyer is known as the “Father of Aegis” (sometimes called the FOA) and died about one month before the ship’s commissioning in Philadelphia, PA.  The picture is special for at least three reasons:  we work on Aegis ships, we work near Philadelphia, and the FOA is a legendary figure in Aegis.