puzzle 100: "The Labyrinth", Rob Gonzales from the "Master of Illusion 2012 Calendar"

piece count: 166

measured size: 6 1/2" x 11 1/4"

date cut: 14 Sept 2012

notables: signature piece, labyrinth

disposition: Rebecca

Rebecca was over our house and started to assemble some puzzles.  I realized I had never made one specifically for her.  We went through my library of potential puzzle images and she picked out this image by Rob Gonzales.

I had fun cutting a labyrinth into the labyrinth; the puzzle doesn’t hold together as well as my normal style of cutting due to the lack of interlocks in the labyrinth area (you can’t pick it up by a corner), but the coolness of the design makes it worth it.

I also found the paper quality of this calendar to be lacking.  The edges were frequently fraying and I had at least two areas where the paper tore significantly.  I’ve never had that happen before and I was suitably miffed.

And yes - this was my hundredth puzzle!